Carl and I would like to thank you for your ten years of income guidance and mentorship.
We came to your meeting to learn about senior investment for Carl’s parents and came away
with a new strategic financial approach for ourselves. We are very grateful for your guidance,
integrity and honesty with us and our family and friends through the years. In addition to
the valuable income generating services that you provide we also appreciate our friendship
with you and Becky and consider you part of our extended family.

“Joe, to the master who teaches by example”.

“Truly professional in every way of the ‘word'”.

“Joe has become our financial co-pilot and I know he is willing to become yours as well”.

“You, Joe, have built my confidence that the economy does not have to negatively affect
our retirement”.

“Your simple non selling approach is very much appreciated”.
Claude & Joann

“Thank you for being so thoughtful regarding my minimalist portfolio, and honoring my

“Your kindness to your clients is a blessing in many, many ways”.

“We must also compliment you on your presentations. They are always humorous and
informative. Never preachy or boring. You are truly the “guru” of retirement planning.
Your knowledge and experience is priceless. Keep up the good work!”.
Mandy & Terry

“I am convinced we can create something great as a team. I look forward to working

“Its always such a pleasant experience whenever I deal with any of your staff”.

“You, put together as a team are a class act. Thanks for helping so many of us
investors have enough money to go to the beaches of the world more often!”.
Ron & Carla

“Most of all, thank you for your careful management of our retirement accounts”.
Doug & Diane

“When I first came to you for help, I was totally confused. Thank you for taking
the time to sit with me and walk me through the process”.

“I know the day I met you was truly a God encounter. The direction you gave me with
my finances has made a huge difference in the way I can live my life without worry or
concern for the future”.

“You’ve chosen your staff carefully and they make your organization even greater – love,
kindness and compassion”.

“It is so rare that anyone takes time to listen! You may be a business man, but what I
like is the fact that you are a real person”.

“You are especially good to your clients and I am sure they all appreciate your love
and care as much as I do”.

“Thank you for the “piece of mind”, your integrity and your help managing our finances”.
Dennis & Lynda

“Thank you for your consistency & support in my financial planning. You can be
counted on”.

“I appreciate your combined efforts to bring the best results for us your clients
and friends”.

“We really want our grand-children to learn what we didn’t know at their age and
hopefully not make the mistakes we made not knowing about the financial choices
we could have had”.
Al & Norma

“Thank you for all your good advice over the years!”.